Relationship Manager

Reaching out to your customers

Insignia Relationship Management is a dynamic prerequisite when seeking to optimise the full potential of your Loyalty Programme.

A tremendous by-product that is created through the implementation of an Insignia Loyalty Programme is the capture of membership data. This data provides you with a multitude of targetable marketing opportunities

Insignia has developed web enabled database technology that offers you a plethora of information and data, in a user-friendly format. Our database technology is easy to understand and designed to be relevant and applicable to all profit sectors within your establishment.

Insignia can offer you complete Relationship Management within your establishment. Insignia effectively manages and utilises the membership databases that are created, establishing regular ‘touch points’ with members to identify their preferences and habits.

This encourages greater utilisation of the memberships throughout each year. Communication with members is essential if you want to develop long-term loyalty, thereby creating a highly productive business opportunity for your business.

Through regular contact and the surveying of members’ requirements, Insignia’s Relationship Management (IRM) will greatly benefit your establishment in the shaping and development of its services and facilities.

Insignia’s Relationship Management is driven by cutting edge; web enabled technology and is underwritten by the success of its marketing initiatives.